Our mission is to empower and educate youth as they make choices and decisions for their futures


Connexions is a non-profit organization that utilizes a message of sexual integrity and hope. We create a safe space for conversation, to combat shame, and open doors for youth to plan, prepare, and think ahead about the life they really want. We equip and empower youth to think critically and offer assistance as they navigate the next major steps in their lives. 

Youth today live in an ever evolving and changing culture and society. To adequately prepare for this, we must educate, empower, and equip students to think critically when making choices within their lives. Connexions prides itself on approaching topics such as: alcohol, sex, mental health, and peer pressure through the lens of safety and health. Our presentations are diverse and inclusive and are presented from a place of love and acceptance that encourages thoughtful conversation and dialog. Each presentation includes the latest youth trends and cultural shifts to reach the hearts of youth by understanding their world and gaining their respect and trust.  

  • Half of the nearly 20 million new STIs reported in 2019 were among young people, between the ages of 13-19.**

  • 27% of all youth (13-19) in 2019 struggled with a substance abuse problem (alcohol, drugs and prescription drugs).***

  • 30% of youth (13-19) reported struggling with mental health concerns in 2019: Anxiety, Depression, and Suicidal Thoughts.**

  • 41% of youth (13-19) engaged in sex in 2019.**

equipping and empowering youth to think critically

We live in a hypersexualized culture that holds little value for positive choices when it comes to sex and a variety of other topics. We provide resources for parents, youth pastors, and youth to help navigate this rapidly changing landscape. We do this through teachings, podcasts, and blog posts. These tools are meant to educate, combat shame, and bring clarity to better understand the choices we make, relationships, and healthy boundaries as youth plan for their future and create long term changes for their lives.



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