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Relate teaches healthy relationship skills and sexual risk avoidance (SRA), an approach that encourages avoiding risky behaviors and promotes the elimination of all associated risks of those behaviors. The Relate program has universally transferable principles that are designed to help all students avoid sexual risk. Relate uses a primary prevention model which is the optimal public health model for avoiding and preventing health issues. This includes a balance of emotional, physical, ethical, intellectual, and social health. We teach primary prevention of risk behavior through modules focusing on goal setting, communication, prevention of disease, and healthy relationships.





  • Relate seeks to provide students throughout Snohomish County with tools and skills to delay sexual activity and avoid the risks associated with sexual activity. 

  • We seek to be inclusive of all students. All youth have the same needs regardless of sexual orientation or identity, for love, acceptance, protection, and guidance. Sexual activity is still sexual activity and STIs are equal-opportunity infectors. Behavior must be modified to avoid risks associated with sexual activity. 


Relate is a holistic approach that focuses on the real-life struggles that teens face as they navigate through the complex challenges of their adolescent years. The Relate curriculum does this by teaching youth the benefits of avoiding risky behavior such as sexual activity, violence, and drug and alcohol use. The Relate curriculum is age-appropriate, medically, and scientifically accurate, and exceeds the OSPI’s Healthy Youth Act requirements. 


Relate Curriculum: Typically taught over a 2-3 hour period divided up as class schedules permit. *Uses Relate Student Handbook

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